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How scudi works

It’s hardly worth explaining, it’s easy and intuitive!

Open the app

Choose the amount

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How scudi works
Why use scudi?

Why use scudi?

  • empowerment
  • instant and easy access
  • when needed, anytime, anywhere
  • up to 50% of earned net salary – instantly
  • free budgeting & savings tools
  • improved financial health and no additional credit
  • unprecented freebees for app users, liked by all
  • free for Employee if co-financed by Employer

scudi for the employer?

  • scudi is a service provider, not a lender
  • scudi takes care of the s in ESG
  • scudi strengthens the corporate D&I and CSR agenda
  • improved corporate image
  • higher staff attraction, motivation & retention
  • lower healthcare related costs
  • no influence on liquidity or cashflow & less administration
scudi for the employer?
scudi facts
  • scudi is intuitive and easy to use
  • scudi is anomymous
  • scudi is instantaneous
  • the word scudi comes from the ancient Latin word scutum, referring to the arms or shield of the issuer of the coin (1 scudo, 2 scudi)
  • D & I is at the very heart of scudi, it is what we do, who we are

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